pluribus_adelos (pluribus_adelos) wrote in patient_spider,

meaning of it all

A post I just read in religiousdebate really started me thinking about the meaning OF life versus meaning TO life. I've been, for better or worse, leaning towards the view there is no meaning OF life. Bacteria exist to create more bacteria. In kind, people exist to create more people. Without god(s), what "ultimate" meaning of life could there be ? And even WITH god(s) there still might not be. However, people are able to assign meaning TO life whereas bacteria are not. The meaning TO life is whatever you are able to give it. One could still be too overwhelmed with the immensity and ultimate meaninglessness of the universe and existence to assign a meaning to life. Yet it can be done, and that act alone may be all the meaning there ever was or will be. Thoughts ?
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