séamus (jameson76) wrote in patient_spider,

Giving thanks

On the eve of Thanksgiving Day, I thought it might be good for us in this community to reflect on the things for which we are thankful, to put thought to why this day is about more than just the food and the football games. What is important to you? What made this past year special? Who makes you feel glad to be here celebrating?

To start things off I will reprise a comment I posted in my own journal, but feel free to share, or in your own quiet way to simply give thanks. Have a very special Thanksgiving Day.
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As someone whose family is not from America, Thanksgiving was originally an awkward time for us. We weren't used to the foods or the traditions, but one thing our family did pick up on was reflecting on the past year. On that day each of us at the table had to tell the family what we were thankful for. It's still a tradition for us, so this year I carry on the theme.

I am thankful for my friends, those who make me laugh and share my joy, my sorrows. I am thankful for my family: my ma and da, my two brothers, and all the cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and assorted relatives who share my life with me and have helped make me who I am. I am grateful for our home and all the good things inside, even the little black cat who after six months still thinks I am a visitor. Mostly I feel especially blessed to have a partner with whom I can share all these things, someone who supports me and does her best to understand me, thereby making my life all the richer.

For all these things I am thankful.
Most of all, I'm thankful for my best friend...my husband and the wonderful wedding we had this year. I'm thankful for our Honeymoon in the North Carolina mountains. I'm thankful for the cute cottage we bought this Fall, and for the oppportunity to reconnect with old friends as well as finish my undergraduate degree. I'm thankful that my brother is healthy and still dedicated to his career saving lives and fighting fires. I'm thankful that we have a new Senate, that the political tide may be turning for real this time. I'm thankful for the pansies in my windowboxes and the chipmunks that live in the yard. I'm thankful for our Pyewacket..our black cat who purrs like a motor boat and chases milk rings like they're chipmunks. I'm thankful for all of my friends, because they give me the chance to be more, feel more, experience more than I could on my own. I'm very thankful for my health, especially my lower cholesterol count. And finally, I'm thankful for this community, as it gives me the chance to think big thoughts, even though I don't often take the time to post those thoughts.
Blessed be.
It sounds like we had a very similar year, right down to the black cat! :)

I, too, am thankful for this community and I am glad there is a place where people can express themselves freely.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!
I am thankful for my friends and family who supported me through a very hard time last year, especially my sister, my step-brother, and my brother-in-law.

I'm grateful for having been given so many second chances; to go back to school and be doing something I like and enjoy; to renew some old friendships; to have had the opportunity to do some traveling.

Of course I am most thankful for having someone in my life that makes all these things pale by comparison, the person who supports me no matter what (and who just happened to write this post).

And I just have to say this: I am so thankful that Interpol are back in the studio recording their 3rd album. ;)

There are so many things to be thankful for right down to just waking up every morning.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Second chances and people to nudge me in the right direction

the best friends a person could hope to have (in person or in pixels)

a family that doesn't give up. ever.

A reason to keep writing.

many, many more.
It's good that you have friends and family who have supported you and 'nudged' you back to university. I'm really glad you are writing and I hope you continue. I also hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day!
I've really grown to appreciate my best friend this year. He's been with me longer than my wife and children (and no, we are not gay - "Not that there's anything wrong with it" - Seinfeld). I'm grateful I had a job even though it's probably coming to an end next year. I'm also grateful for the migraine I got yesterday morning that made writhe in agony for all of Thanksgiving. OK, but I am grateful that its gone this morning.
A good friend is a good thing. I'm glad you have one you can rely on. Sorry to hear about your migraine, but I hope you had a chance to enjoy the leftovers at least.